Acute care RN handles patients who need post-surgical treatment and chronic illnesses management. The skills of acute care RNs are in demand nowadays that’s why more nurses are expanding their skills to be able to work as acute care RNs. Find out what you need to know about being an acute care RN and learn more about RN long-term acute care jobs.

Duties of Acute Care RN

There are several duties an acute care RN should do:

Monitoring and Assessment of Patient’s Condition 

Since patients they are for have just come from an operation or chronic illness they need to be monitored at all times and nurses have to make sure that their condition is being assessed. So they will know if they need any immediate action to avoid putting the lives of patients at risk. 

Arranging Diagnostic Testing 

Diagnostic testing is important for patients in acute care facilities. Since testing can tell if their organs are working well. Plus their vital signs should also be checked often. Patients who have respiratory and heart issues should be checked regularly to avoid any attacks. 

Developing an ongoing care plan 

Treatment plans should be followed accurately. Since this is important to put patients in a stable condition. PLans should always correspond to the condition of the patient so they can be able to recover faster. 

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Administering Intravenous Drips or Other medications

Part of acute care RN is to administer intravenous drips or their medication to patients. That’s why they would be knowledgeable in the procedure. 

Use of Equipment and Devices 

As an acute care RN usage of monitoring equipment and devices since they will be in charge of monitoring vital signs of patients which means they should be knowledgeable in operating these apparatus. 

Patient Responsibilities

Acute care RNs are assigned to educate the patients as well as their family members on the care plans needed to be done for the patient. Post-treatment care is needed after the patient is discharged from the hospital so instructions are given to the patient and their family members. 

Certification And Licensing 

Licensed as a registered nurse is the number one requirement to be qualified as an acute care RN. A state license is needed too. Certificates issued by the American Association of Critical Care Nurses or another professional nursing organization can also be a good credential since most medical facilities prefer nurses who have them. 


The average an acute care RN nurse can earn in a year is $95,000. Since acute care RNs are highly skilled they are paid higher than regular nurses. Having specialties in the medical field can make you earn more. 

Work Availability 

Acute care RNs are in demand which means more job opportunities for nurses who are qualified for the job. More job opportunities are equal to broadening your career advancement as a nurse. Working in an acute care facility can teach you a lot of techniques and strategies and this can add up to your credentials. Experience can always add up to the credentials of a nurse. In the medical field, continuous learning is needed, especially since technology is always advancing and there is always something new in the medical industry. Nurses should be able to cope up with the new trends and medical advancements so they can be able to do their duties well. 

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What is acute care RN experience?

Exposure to areas where you need to exercise critical thinking can be a good way to enhance your skills as well as broaden your knowledge on the career you want to push through. As a nurse, you can get advanced skills that can help you earn more as well as get more job opportunities in the future. 

Hope this list of what you need to know about being an acute care RN has enlightened your knowledge in what you have to expect if you are planning to become one. As a nurse, it will be wise to know different ways on how to be able to learn new skills and how to enrich your knowledge. Being a flexible nurse can give you more job opportunities and can help you learn the credentials you need to be able to get your target specialization. 


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