CYBERBACKPACK Tesla Cybertruck Backpack
Inventor Riz Nwosu’s CYBERBACKPACK just might be the world’s first Tesla Cybertruck-inspired backpack, but recently Tesla filed a trademark for the name before it was even released to the public. Initially, the plan was to finish the prototype have then showcase it to Elon Musk in hopes that Tesla would list the product on its site as official merchandise. Profits would then be split between the two parties, but with the trademark filing, all that is up in the air.

As of now, the website is back online and fans are able to order the CYBERBACKPACK for $199 USD. It features a carbon fiber exterior hard shell that is water / scratch proof, an interior section large enough to hold 15″ – 17.3″ laptops, USB charging ports and a TSA Approved combination lock system. It measures in at 18.5 inch (Height) x 11.8 inch (Length) x 4.3 inches (Width) and weighs 2.9-pounds. Already have a Cybertruck on order? Make sure to pick up the LOKI Basecamp Falcon Camper.

CYBERBACKPACK Tesla Cybertruck Backpack

I began designing and building what would become the Cyberbackpack [in December 2021]. I also registered the domain www[.]cyberbackpack[.]com and launched a website taking pre-orders, a strategy I learned form Tesla,” said Riz Nwosu.


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